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I'm a little worried about blogger's new allotment of image space available for users, as I see that I'm quickly using up all the free space they are going to provide. Of course, after that I can purchase space for image hosting, which is something I'm not willing to do when I pay for my website hosting space too. Anyone else know about this issue or any way around it? I can see a percentage of space I use as each image is posted to this blog, and it dwindles everyday. Do I just need to find myself a new blog space that is really free?


  1. That's news to me. I've never noticed anything about a percentage of space when posting images. If this is true, that really sucks. Where does this show up?

  2. when I push the button for adding an image, the dialog box that open shows me a percentage of space that is left available at the bottom of the box. I'm kind of worried about it because I post at least one image everyday.

  3. may just need to find another blog host, seems like there are a billion out there, and maybe some really are going to stay free...

    that's strange to me that it's not happening to all blogger blogs, if you don't see this space allotment thing. I might need to dig around in the news and help sections of blogger.

  4. Yeah, I see it too. Though, I'm much further away from full. You could try an imageshack or photobucket account, or even host them on your web site, and upload it from a URL. There is a URL field in the upload window. Though, I don't imagine your site that you already pay for is a better option, and I don't know the limitations on photobucket. But, you could keep making new photobucket accounts as needed.

  5. Ester a lot of people use flickr to host their images. It's free unless you want a pro package.
    flickr just has a monthly image load and easy to use.

  6. thanks sail and toni. Those suggestions are really helpful :)


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