Nothing like diving right in to face your fears...I have included blue...although I admit I'm not a fan of it. But maybe practicing like this can help. I also felt like it's kind of a mood piece...maybe goes well for Illustration Friday's "Remember".


  1. Lovely painting, beautiful colors, I like the softness of it.

  2. lovely. great detail in the curtains.

  3. Way to go Ester. Just saw this while scrolling through. It very much captures the mood of rememberance and the blue certainly works for me.

  4. Do you ever use blue for mixing colors? I like to use a limited pallet so blue is always in there.

    Beautiful painting and it does go well with remembrance.

  5. Thanks all :)
    hi toni, I do have blue on my board for mixing, and I do use it a lot in that way, to get neutrals and purple kind of colors. I think it's the straight blue on the canvas that has not appealed to me lately. And even in this piece, the blue is so dark, it almost looks black, which is kind of cheating to say I did a "blue" piece. I'm working on it. It's no good to get stuck in a rut with colors ;)

  6. It looks great. I wonder about this uncomfortableness with blue. You use it well. Thanks for reminding me that once again I have forgotten to post for IF.

    I definately think this picture works, one thought though. In my Western culture formatted brain, anything to the right appears future. So, the blue makes me think of Cassandra. Sort of "remember the future after it's past" or something.


  7. oh hey - that's cool thinking bgoz! I like that thought, remembering future...very very cool!

  8. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Can't seem to get on any way except anonymous. So okay, here is a stupid newbie question. Since you are doing this stunning work with the blues you are using, and since you do use blues for mixing, why do you want to use blues that don't appeal to you? Do you feel that at this stage of your work you need these blues even though you don't like them?

  9. hi annie, thanks for asking :)
    I think that having an aversion to any certain color is only going to limit the range of what I could be creating, so staying away from something that I dislike is only going to be harmful. I see it like a personality trait - if I know that I have a problem, then I need to fix it, even if it's uncomfortable to deal with at the start. It will be better in the long run.


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