spotted bark

this tree was too good to pass up


  1. Very cool. Did you climb it? Great inspiration!!!


  2. tis a great tree!

    Check out the most recent post on artskills... holy wow!

  3. And a fine tree it is Ester. Makes me want to go and do some now. I'm curious as to what you used here, to sketch this.

  4. no, didn't climb it, but there are a few trees in our local park that a lot of people climb. Makes me kind of nervous to think about doing though.

    This is just a pencil sketch done in a fabriano (cream/white) artist journal. I used a mechanical pencil .05 3b lead. The paper in this new book is super bright white, really great for pencil. Glad you like it, I had tons of fun. Took about an hour on it.

  5. Thanks Ester. I might have to do some this weekend then, weather permitting. Trees are always fascinating to draw/sketch, even though we see them all the time.

  6. you've done it justice, bravo!


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