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  1. Love the tree idea. The cream color of the moleskine makes for a very nice drawing surface--drawings just look so much better it seems.

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Well,not having seen them without color,I can't tell what disappoints you-- all the drawings look good to me, Ester. I am not experienced enough to understand it, yet, but I have found that some of my lines don't work as well when I add color. I wonder -- Is it because some line drawings need to move freely through space on the page, and color sometimes takes away that sense of space?

  3. yeah, that cream is mesmerizing, sometimes. I don't know why, really, but I agree. It just seems better on cream sometimes.

    yes! I think that's exactly what the problem is, the sense of space is lost with color blocking everything together. The linework is so beautiful on its own, and it seems like it turns into "secondary status" when color pops off the page and covers over their curves. I think you nailed it exactly, why it feels different with color, Annie (and I'm so glad you liked the Hokusai tribute. He's one of my favorites too!)


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