keep out!

It's been rainy, cloudy and windy all weekend. I was painting this abandoned place, when someone pulled up with a half of a tree on the roof of his car. He proceeded to drag it to the (left side of this drawing) where a ravine full of other junk and vegetation grew. I guess it was the local dumping grounds. Looking out over the ravine, sprouting from the plateau at the bottom was an old warehouse with ancient windows, some broken, all green, suggesting really old glass. I was at eye level with the top of that warehouse, and poking up from the center were two huge vents that slowly turned left to right, back to left and right. They were the size of cars, and with the sky so dark, the quiet before raging storms, I got a creepy feeling that the building was alive and searching for things.


  1. Perhaps to DEVOUR SOULS!?

    nice literary imagery to accompany this piece.


  2. cool. Old buildings are creepy. Especially when they are being unsed. When the cold stormy days roll over it's bones, the building gets grumpy.


  3. yeah, this building definitely seemed to have a personality.


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