in shadow

pencil studying shadow across soft skin.


  1. omgoodness that's gorgeous. look at that neck!

    can i ask how old you are and how many years of school you've had? pretty please

    i know that's the wrong question to ask a lady, but im curious :)

  2. yeah, the neck was my favorite part too!

    hahhaha, now you DO sound like a stalker (lol) - kidding, I'm 26, with 7 years of college. I studied Foreign Language and have a Bachelor of Fine Art. I started out the art college working in graphic design, but changed my major after realizing that chasing a goal of some "stable creative job" wasn't going to cut it for me to feel genuinely artistic and able to produce the kind of art that I feel necessary to be making. Designers, to me, seem to be the kind of people that love organization, photography, advertising, and a little marketing. It just didn't fit me, but I don't seem to fit well anywhere, so here I am.

    And you? May I ask the same?

  3. yes you may
    I'm currently 20 (21 this may) and I'm in my 3rd year of serious art study.
    I'm a designer because there seems to be the most money/stability in it, but I'm more interested in the degree than the marketing/advertising side of it. I couldn't live my life trying to figure out ways to get shit into your house.

    I design t-shirts and if people like them I'm happy as a peach, but I let my friends do the advertising for me (by selling them discounted shirts, lol)

    and I only ask because I like to see people's backgrounds. it gives me a greater understanding/respect.
    don't worry i won't ask where you live/work/.

    All I ask is that you sign at the bottom of this paper and include you S.S. # and home phone number


  4. hehehee


    good luck to you in your studies, Jim. (I hope that little bit about photoshop helped). Let me know if you ever have questions about those programs. I'm also still learning, but you know, there's always more to learn.

  5. Yeah, I haven't had any experience with Dreamweaver so i would need an introductory course in it as far as capabilities, and layout.

    Photoshop and Illustrator are something I work in fairly frequently, but I'm still leaning a lot of little tricks that really work to set pieces off (such as overlays, multiplying layers, and various meshes).

    There options with PS are seemingly limitless. I currently have cs2 and cs3 is already just around the corner!!!

  6. Oh my gosh this is beautiful... Any medium you can't handle? Beautiful...

  7. have you ever thought about teaching online? I would jump at it. My heart sings when I see young people like you doing what you love. yep I'm old enough to be your Mom. hehe but seriously you are an inspiration with your daily drawings.

  8. thanks nancy and toni!

    No, I haven't given teaching much thought, I guess because I just got out of school myself, and feel like I have a lot to learn too. I'm glad your finding inspiration here though!


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