Hey, New Banner!

it's all I have to show for today ^


  1. Nice banner. I've been meaning to do one for my blog. And maybe some other minor changes too.

  2. noticed it right away! gorgeous work the way the drawing of the eye beckons you to look left.

    how did you achieve this? simple html? I haven't looked into altering my blog at all:)

  3. It's all in the blog template code. You can find additional code needed for this stuff witha quick google search. Or even through the blogger main page.

    I created my blog layout simply by going through and removing code. I didn't add anything.

  4. yeah, like sail mentioned, I just did a search on google for changing blogger header. I made the banner in Illustrator (same size as what was already there), and just uploaded it to the web (I just upload these images to my website). I went into the template, HTML edit, and simply put in my picture's URL into the space for (Blogger Header, background URL). But all this stuff is pretty thoroughly explained in most searches in google.

  5. OK, I'm not seeing a banner. What's up?


  6. that's strange. I took a look at the blog using the Explorer browser and you're right - there's no banner. (I use firefox).

    I'll have to figure that out. Thanks for telling me!

  7. Hey, Ester, are you having blogger problems today? I haven't been able to uplad anything since yesterday. Irritating.

  8. no problem uploading, just that header issue...I don't even know where to start to fix that in Explorer...

  9. unless I'm mistaken, ester, background URL is the way MSIE renders the page behind everything else in CSS code.

    try inserting your banner URL in the header wrapper, the first part of (body), past all the CSS code.

  10. mind you it's been a while since I viewed mine in anything but MSIE - I should check.

    I didn't like Firefox but Opera is better than either of them.

  11. I've just loaded firefox and my banner seems okay.

  12. Isn't Opera te Nintendo Wii browser?

    Ester, that's really weird. I can't upload anything. Maybe you're on a different server than me.

  13. thanks so much Ian! I'm going to give that a try and see what happens. Your advice is really appreciated, I've been struggling with this one all day.

  14. I don't know about nintendo. Opera's always been one of the strong contenders for web browsing. I think it looks crisper than firefox. Firefox is great but it just looks a bit ''freeware'' to me. Mozilla need an aesthetics coach!

  15. (body)

    (div id="header" style="width: 700; height: 15")(/div)

    (div id="header" style="width: 700; height: 25")

    (h1 id="blog-title")
    (a href="http://esterwilson.blogspot.com/")
    (img border="0" src="insert your banner URL here" width="700" height="25")(/a)(/h1)
    (!-- (p id="description")($BlogDescription$) --)(/div)

    (!-- Begin #content --)

    Are you using the new blogger customization (with widgets) or the older template editor? It looks like the older version. If it is, then the above code might be okay. Change the curvy brackets for pointy html ones.

    Look for the (body) in your template and insert after. The last line is just to tell you were the rest of the code starts. The values of width and height need to suit your own banner dimensions.

    The first line after (body) you might not need. It was a quick fix to stop my banner crashing into the blogger NavBar in MS Explorer.

    Bear in mind I'm not an html coder, just a curious fiddler. programmers may laugh but as long as it gets the thing running I don't care! good luck.


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