1. Im going to start a personal project in the coming weeks where I will work in a sketch book every day, and each entry will be a designed piece.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    any recommendations?

  2. just do it!

    Great hands, Ester! Hands are hard.

  3. I'm glad you're inspired Jim :)

    The one thing that I've always made my top priority with my sketchbooks is that I simply draw whatever I want with no preplan or restrictions. It's the place where nothing has to be concept-heavy, or worked out for "final". I work spontaneously and very freely. If these pages looked designed out, then it's just a matter of personal style that's showing. Just the way that I inherently organize things, that's all. I don't try to make these pages look particularly "good", the only thing I know for sure is when I'm done. That's what I can suggest: that you keep a sketchbook for fun. If you put 100% of your best energy into it, then you will like your pages too.


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