I spent time today on studies, top is oil over inks, and the bottom conte on paper. Just draped a sheet, and instantly there are hours of study to work on. It's amazing how involved it can all become, just depends on how much time is spent on it. I feel like they are both unfinished, and I haven't even scratched the surface of all there is to see! It's amazing. I got the feeling that if a person can paint drapery, they can paint anything. Don't know if that's true, but I'd like to find out.


  1. Wow... I suck at that sort of painting or drawing. I'm terribly jealous.

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Those both look fantastic! Draperies have always been a huge challenge for me. I never practice them because I'm bad at them and find them frustrating, but I struggle with them because I don't practice... :)

    Either way, those two studies of yours have inspired me to try a little harder.

  3. This guy is one of the most amazing painters I've seen in a long time. His ability to paint anything is jsut staggering! One of those guys that makes you want to give up and keep trying all at once.


  4. I'm partial to the conte one personally. Its pretty sweet looking. Nice work. =)

  5. Incríble! muy bonitos.

  6. Those are great.

    Drapery is hard, especially with patterning. It's one of those details that makes a nice piece, an awsome piece.


  7. Thanks all! Draperies are a challenge for me, and my inspiration has been Leonardo Da Vinci for these. If you guys like to see awesome drapery studies, do check his work out. Completely AMAZING!

  8. Hey,
    Thanks for your comment. i really enjoy your charcoal studies, but i wanted to tell you to check out Daniel Adel's fine art paintings, 'cause it's lots of draperies, and i thought you might enjoy it. If you're ever in NYC, stop by my bar at the Society of Illustrators. Pie and coffee on me.


  9. Nice work! You should be proud. And I totally agree with you on Da Vinci. Some of his work is so realistic!


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