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Among other playful things, I drew some old pattern work from history in my sketchbook, which I got to apply to a fun coloring image that r_sail has challenged on his blog - to color his drawing. I'm not one to pass up a free coloring contest, and it's still on, so if you're interested, hop over and play!


  1. Thanks again, Ester! This is so beautiful!

    And yeah, still taking em, so, bring it on folks!

  2. yo yo

    How did you achieve that gradient on the character? I've seen it done a lot but I'm not sure how to do it.

    The sad thing about my Graphic Design class is that it doesn't teach tutorials in PS or AI. I have to do all that stuff myself. Lol

  3. the gradient is the brush tool that I used, and instead of filling with solid color, I chose one of the brushes that I had downloaded from PSD brush sites. It fills in with a grid pattern (but don't get confused with the pattern tool). I chose white color for the brush, and turned the opacity down on the brush to about 25%, then brushed across only the top area of the selected clothes, letting the main color of the clothes remain untouched by the brush near the bottom legs area.

    I'm really surprised to hear that you're not getting any teaching about those programs! My first choice for a major was graphic design, (I switched my first year into college), but during that first year I got a basic course in AI. But to be honest, I taught myself the rest and everything about photoshop just because I could see how vital they both are to any creation these days. Another good one to get under your belt is Dreamweaver. I spent an entire summer just with that, and it was the most educational part of my schooling (which wasn't even included in school!) Go for it yourself beyond what you're being taught - that's where the most valuable learning will happen.

  4. really cool!

    That was a great idea to use the patternwork. You can convey so much more depth about the weather itself.



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