biking and drawing

I recently received one of the small sketch moleskines as a gift, and have dedicated it to tree drawings when I go ride on my bike. It's been really interesting to see the pages, even though I just started, and the variety of things there are to draw relating to trees. Not only does it keep me noticing the environment around me when I'm riding, but it's a nice reason to stop and break. I think it's going to be a fun book to flip through when it's finished, and a page-a-day will fill it pretty quickly!
Also, the Tour de Georgia is happening now, and tomorrow we're expecting all kinds of excitement from Centennial Park with all things biking. Should be much fun. Personally, I want to see their bike stunt shows. I recently saw this YouTube video about Mountain bike stunts, which was pretty amazing. Would be so fun to see it live!


  1. What excellent work and a great idea Ester! Enjoy the tour! Oh, and the banner's fantastic. I've got no clue how to get a personalized one up there--wish Blogger made it easier (I had some help before, but my helper was having issues with the new set up--oh well).


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