under-painting, under-smudging


  1. i really like the feel of this portrait, ester. soulful.

  2. Thanks very much Ian, that means a lot to me :)

  3. Really nice portrait. Is it a self portrait? It kinda resembles the illustrator portrait to me.

    The way the lighting changes onto the smudged area, it's like moving into a heavily atmosphered room. I keep thinking about "The Potato Eaters" too.

    We had our first model for the semester in painting on Monday. I really learned some good stuff from it. Makes me want to do some more portraits myself.

    Great work.


  4. Thanks Bgoz, yep, it's from a series of the same photographs which the illustrator portrait came from. For some reason, I just can't tilt my head in the same crazy perspective for a few hours while I paint, so photographs have had to be sufficient. I may need to just bite the bullet and hire a model to sit though. Either that or paint friends more. The rate I'm going, it's coming off as narcissistic with all these self portraits.

    I've noticed that you've posted a few more paintings recently. Glad to see your work again! Hope you are enjoying it :)

  5. Don't worry I do the same thing Ester. If I need a person in a painting I tend to be my own model as well and paint from photographs of myself. Its just so darn handy!


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