sketchbook update

I have updated my website today, with two sketchbooks, and prints available. Who knew things like that could take so long. The updating process took me two days to complete. Anyone who reads this blog has probably already seen the art in the books, but the book format seems to give them a different kind of quality somehow. I see the work in the book as a whole unit of completed art, as if each book is a series of small art pieces. It's strange to me how each sketchbook also seems to contain different "life", from one to the next. I always wait to put some art on the cover, for the perfect time when I feel as if something fits the mood of the book just right. As if it has to develop a life first, then a cover fits well.


  1. Ester your books are wonderful ... so much to look at and take in... your work is beautiful. The cat in the 2nd moleskin book 5/10 caught my eye. You really captured the cat ... Cats crack me up with the positions they can take on.

  2. I always like looking at your books.


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