rough value study

oil is sticky and tricky


  1. I really like the muted tones here. Very nice. Is this a wip or are you going to completely redo it?

  2. I'm not really sure what to do with it. I stopped in frustration, and maybe will try to fix things tomorrow. Just trying to get used to something other than pencil, like using soft strokes and pulling mush on a brush. It's so different from the hard strokes of line or ink. I wasn't so focused on color with it, as much as just trying to see values, but I also like it muted.

  3. Yeah, oil is a far cry from pencil, and pen. For me, oil is about blending, and pushing that little bit of paint around until it's as smooth as the light you're trying to emulate. And it does it beautifuly... if you know how to work it. I don't. I still suck at it. But, you can work on it for, like, weeks without it drying. So, it's nice in that regard. Very forgiving.

    out of curiosity, are you using square oil brushes, or acrylic/watercolor pointed brushes? It looks like the later.

  4. oh, check this guy out. Now that's some oil painting.

  5. thanks for that link Sail

    I only used one brush for this, and it was a #4 flat synthetic brush. (and sizes often vary, so that means the bristles on this one are about 1/2 inch long). I just used the corner of it to get points. My intention was just to lay down some values and start on detailing it out with smaller brushes, but I never got that far. I don't use soft animal hair for oil because I don't have a light enough touch. Maybe that's where I should try to change.

  6. Actually I like your mostly black and white picture so far with its little bit of blues, reds and oranges showing through in the background.

    I'm not a fan of working with oils either. I much prefer watercolor and acrylics because they dry somewhat quickly. With oils it doesn't take me long to get the entire painting wet and sticky with paint to the point that I have a complete mess. =P

  7. Great painting. I've fully stocked my oil painting supplies, and will be embarking on some pieces soon.

    My instructor uses oil in a very cool way, I'm trying to learn some of his techniques. He's very into washes and glazes. I'm trying to learn about mixing medium right now. That, and trying to plan a trip to France to see cave paintings.

    You've gotno fear of new or different art materials. Kudos to you for that. May we all be as bold.


  8. I really liked your work! :)


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