pan's peace waterfall

Recently Adam asked me to describe how I seek peace, incorporated into a drawing, and this is a roundabout drawing to answer that. This is a statue I see often while riding bikes lately, and riding has made me feel great! But to answer a question like that is strange, because it's an ever-evolving process to learn how to find peace in one's life. The questions that need answering are always changing, so seeking answers and learning everyday is one way I feel myself more peaceful.

Recently, actually, I've been thinking hard about lots of issues that are indirectly related to peace, such as how to get rid of egotistical behavior, which I feel will inadvertantly bring peace. For example, if I go around thinking about myself all the time, taking life in selfishly, then I think of myself as very important, while expecting others to take notice in me and also think I'm important. But I am no more important to the world than the rest of the energy in it, and it's only ego getting in the way when I want attention, or crave to be popular, special, heard, etc. I really need to live in the flow of life's energy, rather than think I can stand out and be better than someone else. Ego is always what holds me back from doing things, it feeds fear of failure, it cowers due to embarrassment, it keeps me from being humble and realizing how much more there is to learn. I don't want to be egotistical, and getting rid of that behavior will make my life more peaceful.


  1. I really appreciate eastern philosophy for its lack of ego. It's all about leaving your ego at the door.

    I'm sure you've read some eastern philosophy, but if you havn't you really should.

    One book I really love is the Hagakura. It's a book of old Samurai teachings, but most of it applies across the board to whatever you're dealing with. At least it does for me. I used to read one passage a day (as it's in passages, about 3-4 a page) and let that somehow apply to my life that day. It was wonderful. Then I finished it. But, I can go back to it. I dunno, I'm not a Samurai, but the philosophy still works. And its got a lot about caligraphy, which I think applies to me as an artist. Interesting stuff. I like to think I'm a better person for having read that sort of stuff. It's certainly made me think less about my ego.

    I dunno, I'm tired and rambling.

  2. thanks for mentioning that book, Sail. I'll definitely check it out. I've been very interested in Eastern Philosophy for a long time, and I have a feeling that getting rid of ego-based living it central to happiness.

    Why so tired? Are you working yourself to death with all the projects? Hope all's well!

  3. I agree with r_sail... I think eastern philosophy makes every thing simpler in life. I too will check on the book Hagakura.

    Wanted to let you know how much I loved what you did with the re-worked 3/16 post... also liked the faded look to Underpainted on 3/13. I like it just as it is... uh, thats my 2 cents worth...

  4. Thanks very much Nancy! I always love hearing other people's 2 cents, and sometimes I give mine away too ;)

    I actually was debating on which painting I liked better, and sometimes wonder if I should have left it looking rough and unfinished. I'm still not sure, but it's done now. I learned a lot with that painting. Glad to know you like both too!


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