no more scarf weather!

It's hot already and only going to get so much more. Maybe riding bikes early in the mornings will be the only answer, complete with schedule overhaul. I've never been good at getting up early...


  1. Yeah, the weather switched here today. It was sunny and worm, so I did some spring cleaning. I'm happy it's not cold anymore, but not thrilled about how hot my house gets in summer.

    Great drawing. I love all the different things you get into one piece. I should try something like that.

  2. hey loved ur works...very experimental...great....first visit...will come for more....keep experimenting...:)

  3. Your weather changed? Nice! As always in the Portland area it was 55 degrees and raining here today. =P Ah, well. Although it doesn't really get cold in the winter here so I guess I can't complain. Enjoy the sun for me!

  4. that's a cool pic, I like the colors

  5. Hey, Ester, I thought you'd like this. It's the littlechimpsociety people.

    I'm totally going to do one.


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