painting and doodles today. This yellow face was originally black pen, and changed bright in the computer.


  1. I like the colors on the top image, but nothing about it makes me love it... and the bottom image, well it's got great technique... but it's so vague that I don't find anything there either... except vagueness... which is atractive to me.

    I will say that both of these pieces leave me a little unsure of what I feel from them... and I appreciate them for that if nothing else. Art should make you feel something... regardless of what, right?

    and, I'm pissed, because I found a huge list of daily drawing blogs, but can't find it now... bummer, you know, they were in our (though, more your) boat. I'll keep looking.

  2. yeah, these are definitely vague pieces, not really much of anything going on except practice in paint (and a doodle). Might also seem vague because I cropped the painting from something larger that I didn't like.

    I'd love to check out your list too, if you find it again

  3. The bottom one could be a cool banner or something if you dropped some text on it.


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