elephant doodle

It was a weak drawing day, but I reworked some bugs on my website, and then took a super long bike ride, and there's only so much energy in the day, so I guess this is my resting day.

Side note: an old friend's birthday is today! Old, cuz he's old, and old cuz I've known him so long. So happy birthday Dusty! Hope it's a good one.


  1. Hey there Ester! I don't believe we've met. My name is Jim :)
    I've been looking at your blog here for a few weeks now since Sail recommended it.
    Until now I've been pretty reluctant to leave you a comment, but I jut have to tell you how much I enjoy all your work.
    You're sketches have great color and your designs seems really well considered. You've got a viewer for life :)

  2. Million thanks Jim, that's super nice for you to say :) Is that really you in the photo on your blog? I like the faux-hawk ;)

  3. haha, yeah that's really me.
    i just cut it like that. I used to keep it really short, but I decided to do something different for a change. something that will set me apart a little bit


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