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Living on coffee and cinnamon rolls lately. And today I woke up late, with a few minutes to spare before a knock on the door for fedex. I'd hate for the guy to have wasted his trip bringing boxes to my door and me feeling too sheepish to answer it, so whoever you are dude, I'm sorry you had to be greeted by me all in pj's and crazy bedhead. That's what I get for sleeping in, but yay for sansodor delivered!


  1. Awsome portrait.

    Those cinnamon rolls sound good. I'm living off Adkins diet shakes (4 a day) and that's it until Monday. sansodor ? "Sans" "Odor"?


  2. Thanks bgoz :)
    yep, sans odor, it's the best for working with oils. I get horrible headaches from any turpenoid that I can smell, so I go for this stuff. It's not cheap, but you can reuse it too.

    Hmmm, I don't know about shakes for dinner...do they taste good? My complete favorite shake it to mash in orange juice, blueberries, strawberries and bananas with the slightest dash of sugar. Soooo good! (watch out for seeds!)

  3. When I worked for UPS I got rather used to people answering the door with wild bedhead and that "you just woke me up" look. I'm sure Mr FedEx didn't care.

    As an aside, way too many people answer the door in towels that should never answer the door in a towel. Yikes . . .

  4. oh my gosh! wow, I never would think people would open the door in a towel! hahaha, well, it makes me feel not so bad though!

  5. When I worked in a restaurant, I often had to deliver food to the hotel across the street. I wish more people would have worn pj's or a towel... I mean, at least turn the porn off for a second.

  6. Love this one. The coloring is great, and I love the perspective.

    Oh to have coffee and cinn. rolls is a better choice than coffee and cigarettes ... so that makes it ok. How's that for reasoning?

  7. That reasoning sounds right in line with the way I was thinking! lol, glad I'm not the only one ;)


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