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here are some sample scans from the jrock, ink. book. Thought I'd share because Bgoz asked what was inside. There is a page of info on each band, with art on the facing page. I liked the work in this book because the artist thought about how the image should relate to each different band's personality, by their name, or dress, or other things that make each unique. Great illustration examples. All the art seems to have been made in Illustrator.


  1. I gotta get Illustrator, and Photoshop for that matter, simply to expand my artistic options. these are great--I can see you doing stuff like this, but better actually. Do you have a preference btwn Illustrator or P-shop?

  2. Yeah, these are very cool.

    I have illustrator... now if only I knew how to actually use it for anything beyond text. :)

  3. Yeah, Steve, I started out enjoying Illustrator a whole lot better than photoshop. It took me a long time to get the hang of how both programs work, and they really do very different things. But since I have left vector art behind lately, I haven't used Illustrator now as much as Photoshop (PSD). It's kind of been a 180 flip lately, because I use PSD SO MUCH with all of my scanning and printing needs. I wouldn't trust a vector program like Illustrator to handle any bitmap images (like photographs).

    So it really depends on what you want to get out of a program, whether you are dealing more with photos and coloring scans of artwork, or if you want really tight "graphic stylization" from vector artwork, the way the art in this book looks.

    Yeah, I know what you mean Sail. It took me so long to figure the program out, because you basically have to play with it non stop for quite awhile to get the hang out it. It's a totally powerful program though, and worth the energy to understand. Get a hang of the pen tool and all the shortcuts, and you'll be on your way quicker.

  4. Yikes, it all sounds so complicated Ester. I'd like to get into more computer manipulated/enhanced work but I still feel i have so much more to learn/relearn in the "real" realm of art-making.


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