66. Traps (and figures)

I have decided that I love the handbook sketchbook for figure drawing in pencil. And that's about it. The tooth is superb for all kinds of pencil sketching, allows for super darks and lights. Nothing else seems to work on it for me, so all figures sketching will go in there. It might be nice to have one book dedicated only to figures anyway. Every drawing session I would be able to compare and contrast progress and sketching behaviors. Figure out over a period of time, where my weeknesses are and such.


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Ester, as well as your work. I like the word/phrase prompts as well. I seem to be a bit too dependent on Illo Friday lately to do any type of work. the figure sketches are always amazing (is it james ?--last few times I checked his blog I couldn't get in for some reason). It's great to have someone around so willing to pose for you!

  2. The top image looks like my dog!

  3. hey, Thanks for mentioning about Jimi's blog, Steve. He's irregular about his updates, so I don't think he even knew about any problem.

    Yeah, he's my model, and really good at it! Out of all the models I had in school, none of them worked so hard to twist and contort for a good angle or set of negative shapes. I think he should go pro ;)

    Sail - that's too cute! Your dog must be so adorable. (But I know you don't hold it walking outside right??) This was a drawing from a photo of a little fox - I couldn't resist

  4. No, I don't carry her around! It's bad enough having a tiny white dog without carrying her around. lol.


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