Without You I'm Nothing

I caught a sound of Molko's eerie, buzzing voice today and it took me out of time and place. I felt reminiscent for things that were and are no longer, when I lived in California and everything was different. It was nice to feel it again.


  1. Wow! That top image is amazing!

  2. I agree..
    WOW... that top image is amazing! It is so powerful, and has such emotion. Hopefuly it was as enjoyable and challenging to paint as it appears.

  3. Hey there Ester. Top notch stuff here! Music can do that of course. Hope you're feeling less stressed and best of luck with your promo endeavors!

  4. thanks guys (and gal :)

    yeah, I finally have de-stressed some while still plugging away at everything. Thanks for the well wishes Steve!


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