testing out the new paper

testing things out. I drew all over the first two sheets of the new sketchbook, and the paper inside the HandBook is soft and strange to me. I wrote notes all over these drawings, if anyone else is interested in how the paper behaves. Of course, it might be different for someone else, depending on how you work.


  1. Wow, Ester... the third one, with the person drinking coffee/tea, that's just sex on wheels is what that is!

    I love it!

    Also, I'm not psoting the new art walk piece on the blog just yet, but if you want to see it it's here: http://sailbot.blogspot.com/

  2. The tea/coffee drinker is awesome. Love the color also.
    I'm beginning to think there is no good paper that is thin and will take a good wash.. but then I don't try too many ... I just buy one use it and complain.

  3. Thanks guys! haha - haven't heard "sex on wheels" before - that's hilarious

    yeah, I've been spoiled with my fabriano paper of choice, I think, and since I just finished the book and picked up a new one, I'm not so satisfied. But I think I'll just go back to using my fav fab. It actually will take watercolor surprisingly well, and it about 60lb in weight! It will buckle right at first, and then settle back down after dry, so I love it.

  4. Yeah, that's a personal favorite! I keep it in reserve for special occasions... like this!

    Really love the colors, the texture, the brush strokes, and the contrast between the person and the paint. Just terrific!

  5. hey Ester ! how you doin' !?
    i know this may sound strange to you, but i found your blog randomly, and simply loved your art, all of them, u're really talented, and the strange part is, that i would love you to drawn something so i can tatooed! would you do it !? if u say yes, we talk more about! this is my e-mail: lil_karool@yahoo.com and msn:ka_bouvier@hotmail.com in case you "think" about it!!
    thanx already .. u should run more with your art, they're perfect !! have a great day .. bye bye

  6. Ester is the fabriano paper a sketch book or is is loose paper that you bound later?

  7. I use the fabriano sketchbooks, which come with Ingres laid paper (so, I'm sorry, I guess I lied when I said fabriano paper, but it's bound up and sold through the fabriano company name). You can also find a very similar paper in loose format in the big "Strathmore 500 Charcoal Pad". Here are the links for both products:


  8. Now I really want a bike Ester! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and personal observations on biking and the feeling it brings. Biking takes me back to childhood, especially a paper route I had that took me all over town for several years. I think most of us question our career paths and personal decisions, from the rock star to the dentist to the guy at the tool factory. I think whatever path you take careerwise your abilities and creativity will definitely be of use. Trust me, there are many days, when sitting through an awful meeting after school or having a hoarde of first graders all whining for my attention that I wonder if I'm happy with my profession, then I think about all the crap jobs I've had in the past and realize it could be worse. I admire anyone willing to give it a go as a working artist though. For many of us, we dream of it but perhaps are too afraid to try it. In the meantime, ride on!

    Oh, and have you ever heard the track entitled "Bike" by Autechre? It's off their first cd from back in 1993 entitled "Incunabula". I highly reccomend the entire cd, but "Bike" is my all time favorite--it really captures that free feeling of pedaling your worries away.

  9. Thanks very much Steve, your words are really encouraging, right when I'm feeling I need pep talk too. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll definitely check out that song, and maybe the whole cd. I have a few from Autechre and I like their sound, and coming from you, I can expect that it's great!


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