shadow shapes


  1. Very cool Ester. Your "Out Line" post would fit perfectly on this week's Illo Friday topic, and this one's great to see. I love the contour line in drawing but it's funny because I was also recently thinking of a different approach--a more painterly approach involving building shapes and forms with little contour line work. I had a drawing instructor in college who had me completely relearn all I knew about drawing and work in this manner, mainly with vine charcoal and conte crayon as mediums. I'm now inspired to try it again sometime, though I feel I've got to exhaust working with contour lines first. In the meantime, there's a great book out there simply entitled "Experimental Drawing" which covers this type of drawing.

  2. we've been admiring the sketches of Giorgio Morandi, a master of the lost and found line - I agree it's a great technique as lines don't really exist as we draw them. also I like how he can suggest a solid without actually drawing the complete form.

    great work, ester.


  4. Thanks Steve! (and I took your advice to post to illo fri too). I'll definitely be playing more with this way of drawing. It seems like it's more of a mental shift, with the drawing just as a visual result of that mental process. I guess I've just never processed the world around me in this way before now, even if my drawings may have seemed like it.

    And yeah, Ian - that's exactly what I came to realize, that the lines I'm drawings really don't exist at all, except in my mind. I've been drawing them so long that I guess I made them a concrete part of my understanding.

    I'll definitely check out all the links and books you guys suggest - thanks very much!


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