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I was lucky enough to run across a sketcher's forum that sounds fun to get involved in - here.

Today has been a hectic, busy, messy busy day. Full of decisions, self-promotion, and brain fry. I'm tired, and done with phase 1. I'm putting together an artbook sampler to send out, promoting specific work, and going through the last two (or so) years of art can wear a person out quick! But in the process, I've narrowed down a few pieces that I particularly like, this drawing being among them. The sketchy, messy, mysterious quickness is my favorite:


  1. I like what you did there with the skeleton hand. I suppose my tastes run to the macabre.

  2. I wish you much luck with the self-promotion. This is the area I make the least time for and I know it is one of the most important things one can do.

    I hope you share how your "artbook sampler" turns out. I'm interested in its format.

  3. I'd also like to see your 'artbook sampler'...

    are you going to hand make them or have them printed?

  4. these are going to be handmade since I don't plan to make too many. Using giclee prints (pigment ink printer), and sending to select places - it will be labor intensive, but worth it I think.

  5. love the white gouche[?] behind the skeleton hand- well done! really makes it OP!

  6. Thanks!

    The white is actually FW Acrylic White Ink, but acts a lot like gouache except for reconstituting.


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