I'm excited, and worn out from playing on the new toy today! I'm so excited, haven't owned a bike in so long.


  1. Awesome! I've got a little (and I do mean little, as I'm 6' 4") BMX that I cruise around on from time to time.

  2. whoa! I didn't expect you to say 6'4"! I guess it wasn't my mental image.

  3. Yes, I'm very very... very tall... and thin as a whip! : )

  4. Niiice!! Now you can bike to places for a good sketch session. I've neglected my bike for the past couple of years, leaving it on the porch unfortunately. It costs more to get it repaired out here though, so maybe a new one's in store. Biking's great fun--hope you enjoy!

  5. Found your blog from a link of a link etc. It is good to hear of another cyclist. I have been cycling since Aug 05. The more I ride the better I like it.

    Have you heard of

    Great place for info and chat.

  6. Thanks Steve :) I definitely am enjoying the heck out of it right now, although I need to get better stamina going.

    Thanks for the link Scott! That's great! I'll probably get a lot of good use out of a place that can answer some questions. I'm really new at this and it's exciting.


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