a monday mess

Been busy making mockups over the weekend and today, to get things right for my promo packages, and the table is a giant mess as a result. I've always found it fun to see other people's studio pics, their mess spots, so I figured I'd share.


  1. And a fine mess indeed. I don't feel so bad about my humble but messy workspace now. Anyhow, great to see the place where much of your work materializes!

  2. I love seeing peoples studios. I'd post mine, but I don't really have a studio, so much as parts of the house where I either draw and/or paint.

    I usually paint at my kitchen table on a big piece of wood. And I just draw at my computer desk.

  3. It doesn't take long to get a good mess going, does it! I always enjoy seeing studio pictures and then imagining the artist creating beautiful work in that space. Thanks for sharing:>


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