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This is the front and back cover to the mockup booklet that's been eating up all of my time for the past week. It's handbound with binder's thread, each page has 3 holes punched through, and the bind ties in the middle. I've filled this with basically two different kinds of work: paintings and drawings, and my theme is "Painting Texture, Drawing Pleasure". Kind of fun :)
The first page is a vellum sheet with a small cardstock square with a painting printed. I like the vellum because you can see through to the other page and it makes me want to turn the page. I plan to fill the back of the cover sheet with design and text relative to each individual company I send to.
So this is the second and third page spread, vellum on the left side, with another painting "card". The right mask painting is where I introduce the beginning of my "Painting Texture" Theme. It's hard to tell in this scan, but this painting is extremely textured - it was painted acrylic on the back of masonite, which is super rough and bumpy.
The next spread is a sample book cover for a Visual Journal, called "Brain Storm", and the facing page is where I introduce the next part of the theme, "Drawing Pleasure".
Another spread, this time showing a more whimsical Picture Book Illustration variation, and portrait work.
The last spread shows a full page of a close up to one of my favorite deer paintings, and a process example at the right for anyone interested in seeing sketch to final art.
The last page is a hybrid drawing/painting piece, with the last vellum sheet in the back.
Behind the vellum I have put a sneaky envelope, which holds a contact card with an illustration and design work on it. This project has been exhausting and fun. Since this is a nicer mockup, I'm almost ready to make final products and get them out!


  1. Beautiful work once again! I just love coming to your blog and seeing your unique pieces. And I must say, you're sketches layered over with text really tickles this aspiring writers fancy. I hope your promo book brings you lots of attention.

  2. ummm......that would be 'your sketches'

    and that would be why I'm an ASPIRING writer! haha!

  3. That's awesome, Ester! It really looks fantastic.

    Now I want to hand make a book.

  4. no worries, and thank you h.e. eigler! You've got a good sense of humor :)

    Thanks Sail! I'm super tired from all the work done on this baby, but I think it will be worth it when it goes out. I'm not sure how many I'll be able to make per day, so I'll have to be selective about where they go.

    You should give it a shot! I love handmaking books, and this kind of bind is the easiest. You could easily pick it up too - maybe bind up some of your prints if they're not too big (??)

  5. It would be an 11x17 book! Ha!

    But, I could print some stuff at home or Kinkos smaller and make something up... I dunno.

    I don't know crap about hand making books though. Got any links?

  6. This is a great link for you Sail!

    This is a cool way to cut the end of a book:

    There is a good book called Cover to Cover, you can find at Amazon or a library.

    Hope this helps. I'll also answer any questions if you ever get stuck too :)

  7. Cool, thanks! I'll check it out.

  8. It's a beautiful and highly impressive promo book. What a range of artwork, and all excellent!

  9. Wow! beautiful Ester. Your hard work has paid off... the end results: WONDERFUL.


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