bird seeds

some extra things dumped into the sketchbook, no reason, just there. I am coming to the end of a very fat book now, and have picked up one of the new "Handbook" Sketchbooks that are in direct competition with moleskine. I'm curious to see how the paper will handle my beatings.


  1. The bird is so enjoyable to look at. I always enjoy seeing someones sketches of birds. I think they look peaceful.

  2. Great sketches. I especially like the bottom one. It makes me think of something, but I can't quite place it. What was your inspiration for it?

    I haven't seen those new sketchbooks. I've been wanting to get a landscape oriented sketchbook for my next one. Maybe I'll try one of theirs.


  3. I had this strange idea that a creature with horns is what carries a person across a space between wake and sleep/dreamland. Kind of like carrying a decapitated head from a battle, as a trophy, because of the nature of feeling half dead when one falls asleep. Well, I do anyway.


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