big fish


  1. You kick my ass, Ester. I usually can't manage more than two or three drawings a day, and one of them is always complete shit.

    That said, I really like the top two. I like the notes on the third one as well... interesting notes on perspective.

    The bottom one is a good drawing, but it isn't as dynamic as the others.

  2. ha, my daughter asked me the other day - why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the tube? any suggestions?
    that, to my eye, looks like manhattan.

  3. I'd guess that there isn't enough air between the glue and the sides of the bottle, so it doesn't stick. The only place I can think it would have a chance of gooing up would be the top level of the glue, and all inside the tip (which is why I can't even get the sucker open!)

    Thanks for your thoughts! I like your idea of a cityscape - I didn't even think to look at it that way :)

  4. Little fish big fish red fish blue fish. Nice work!!


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