2 min poses

In order to loosen up and feel more at ease with the flow of quick drawing, I worked on two minute sketches and filled up the rest of my sketchbook last night. It averaged 3 pages/day. I like the way these turned out. They feel fresh to me, revealing only necessary information in line. I made a point to see each shadow as its own shape and draw outlines around the shadow spaces to indicate form better. I found it was a quick way to really get the point of the shape across, and with two minutes, quick is good.


  1. those are great for 2 minutes!

  2. Thanks Sail! It was loads of fun :)

  3. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I like all of these, and the way that you describe the exercise. Putting that sort of time limit on your sketch changes the work, and forces you to focus on different attributes of the subject.

    The inclusion of the horned skull was especially nice!


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