a walk in my shoes

I came across a group of workers who were cutting down a huge tree today. They cut all the limbs off of it first so that it looked like a big telephone pole sticking out of the ground, then, with ropes tied around the middle, they cut it at the bottom and pulled to guide it as it fell. No more tree, and I wonder how long it took to get that big...


  1. They did that outside my house a while back. The tree had grown around the power lines, so there is a small piece of tree still hanging on the wire... like a gravestone, or a permanent reminder that it was once there.

    Usually when they're going to do that, they post a piee of paper on the tree letting you know it's planned... it's kind of ironic, don't you think?

  2. that's something I never thought of. I also once saw a paper like that posted mentioning the imminent death. I guess an investment of several hundred years of growth is somehow no big deal.


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