the wait

For whatever reason, I just haven't been in such an artistic mood. Probably from the break of holidays, and it's been hard to find inspiration again. I don't know what to do lately while I wait for it to come back. It's frustrating.


  1. maybe is the first step for a improve in your work.
    great drawins are coming in 2007
    for sure!!!

  2. Ester all I can say is you have a great eye for composition and your figures to me are awesome. I started my class last night and I am no where near your talent. Just keep drawing or what I do when i feel like nothing is coming to me I go for a walk or start cleaning the house. I know what clean the house! It just helps clear my mind.

  3. I never even thought of it that way Jose - thanks very much!

    great idea Toni. Cleaning and repetetive chores usually always help me too.

    (As far as a level of talent, though, I'm not sure I'm any more talented than the next jane. It's really a matter of patience, practice drawing, and focusing on what aspects of drawing you want to improve. I feel I have some technique understood, so now I need to work on conceptual skill. I don't like to consider that drawing is about talent, because none of us are born drawing exactly as good as we could be if we practiced, and drawing skills ARE lost if you don't keep at it).


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