textures and snow

I was playing with vellum and drawing today, and after adding some chalk pastel, spray fixed this, then went over it with acrylic white ink. It beads up and tries to pull back to its acrylic puddle, which is so cool for a nice weathered look when you pull it apart enough and kind of force it to stay spread out.

Tonight there is a chance Atlanta will get snow, with 100% chance of precip. tomorrow. I'm excited.


  1. Wow, this is a great drawing! Love the colors...... How long do you think this took you.... start to finish..... beautiful work on th unbrella... beautiful.

  2. thanks very much :)
    I started this, stopped for dinner, and finished it later, so I'm guessing it took about 1 hour start to finish. The drawing was the longest, but graphite on vellum is so smooth that it seems like it melts right onto it and doesn't require a ton of effort to shade things.

  3. I love drawing on vellum. The umbrella looks great. Though it doesn't look ready for snow. It looks like it wants to sleep in, and wait for summer rains. Maybe that's just me though.



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