This is probably one of the more embarrassing drawings I've made recently. My pantry, full of crazy things. I hate to cook, and so I open the door just about everyday, stare at the boxes and things, then shut the door. It's a mess and all those things inside scream, "cook me".


  1. Ha! I'd draw my pantry, but it would just be several empty racks. I'm a real starving artist!

  2. Isn't that the truth... the "cook me" part. There is all that stuff just waiting to be cooked ... and then I wait too long and alas it starts screeming "throw me out".

    You did an awesome job with this drawing. How did you continue on to the next object and not get lost? Wonderful.

  3. well don't get me wrong sail - it's not like I don't know all about starving artist life. Ramen, cheese, crackers and coffee - it's really all a person needs!

    I thought I might have trouble getting lost in all that mess too, so I drew out my end points one rack first. Then drew each item from left to right. As long as you make sure your proportions are right when you do that, you can fit all the items on each rack. It was fun, but took a long time to draw this.

  4. I'm always fascinated with really busy detailed drawings. Most of my stuff is pretty simple. But, drawing messy stuff seems real appealing (until you start, of course).

    I've been down to the docks to draw boats several times. Not the far off postcard view, but the OMG ropes and stuff everywhere kinda view. You really have to have a plan when you do that.

    Great Job!!! Now cook something :P



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