marker project?

I was told to make something with markers, and this is as far as I could bring myself to work with them today. I should probably get over some preconceived ideas about using markers, because they were fun to play with today, even if it was a small amount of play. Maybe I'll mess around with them more.


  1. Wow, that's a great angle!

    I like markers. I've got a few Copic markers I use. Mainly for greys and blacks. I like the tonal variety Copic offers.

    I don't really like brush pens, though. I'd rather paint with watercolor then use a marker. Then again, I'm more into shading than I'm into coloring.

    I like your drawing, though. How big is that?

  2. I drew this in a large moleskine notebook, so it's the 5"x8" paper size. I actually was thinking about picking up of the warm and cool grey shades in markers today for this marker project that I've been given, but haven't yet. I've never tried those copic markers, but I've read about other people who like them too.

  3. They're pretty cool, you can get a blending marker and it'll blend two tones together in a gradient.

    They are refillable and double sided. Manga artists use the hell out of them... at least, that's what I understand to be the case. Also, concept artists, and designers use them too.

    Though, Photoshop seems to make them less relevant.


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