line play


  1. Wow, these are awesome! I really like the one on the left. The use of red in the shadowed sections is cool.

  2. thanks! I really like the red shadows too. Maybe it would also be nice to see the shadows in a light color, like light blue - totally throw off the norm without turning it negative...have to play some more.

  3. I like the one on the left also.
    Something about the angle and the color is so neat. (is that a word any one uses any more? ;) )

  4. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Great confident line. I can only stare in awe. Great "scan". Darn, now I think I need a new scanner ... have any suggestion's?
    Nancy Van Blaricom

  5. Beautiful drawings and approach here. The red touches are the needed ingredient to bring these over the top I think.


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