drawing in the dark

I went to draw churches today, and had to do it in the dark. I don't know if it's just me or not, but living on the east coast seems to cut short the daylight hours out of my day during the whole year. When I lived on the west coast, I really do remember having daylight up until even 10pm in the summer. I know that's the summer, and this is winter, but it really feels like my day is supposed to be over at 3:30 - 4 pm now. Makes me want to sleep all the time. Anyway, I started drawing a church, and since there's a church on every corner in GA, I finished the drawing by attaching another church's parts to the first.


  1. that's great, I like how part of it is blue and part brown.

    And yeah, in the summer it light till about 10pm... but it's dark at 4 these days here too.

    ...and a dog just threw up on my bed... awesome! gotta go.

  2. i saw your elephant painting. its really really great!

    i have the same probs as you living in miami; the sun is out by 6 pm.

  3. Really great drawing. I love the way you attached the architecture to the picture space. It's like sliding panels that you can walk around behind. Like a backstage area. Especially with you talking about it being dark.


  4. Yeah, I hate when it gets so dark so soon out here. It really does feel like the day has ended already by four. Our summers go on until about nine though in VA and PA. It diesn't last long unfortunately. Anyhow, great work here. Architecture is always so difficult I think--trying to draw the geometric forms and straight lines--probably why I shun it usually. This inspires me to try it out though.

  5. I love this piece! The very first oil painting I did in art class at the age of 12 was an old East Coast Church. There is something soothing about art containing churches isn't there?


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