I spent a large chunk of time rearranging studio space, once again. It works well now, with everything in its place. The rest of the time, and for these past few weeks, I think I've come to a crisis point with my art, where I need to get in touch again with what my love in art is all about. What is it that makes it click and what is it about myself that I need to feel secure in exposing in order to make genuine, honest work. That's the only kind of work that is going to make me enjoy the process.


  1. Yeah. I feel like there is someting missing in my work lately. I'm certainly not enjoying the making of it as much as I should. Maybe I'm not being very genuine with it either.

    I know I'm just one good piece away from getting back on the horse. It really only takes one good painting to show myself what I'm capable of and get it rolling again. Watching DVD's of Scrubs all day sure isn't helping.

    I'm going to paint something tomorrow with the 'good' watercolors on the 'good' paper and see what happens.

    Your work is always inspiring to me, Ester... even if you are having trouble too. Solidarity or something, right? :)

  2. My oh my, can I ever relate to that "crisis point" you are describing - that need to honestly expose that piece of self that you are exploring. I keep thinking about what you said recently - about how after you stepped away, you returned to find that your style had dramatically changed. Believe it or not, that's really helped me in my period of artistic hibernation.

    If you are interested in seeing what another artist is doing (since it's always fun!), here's someone I just discovered the other day via Eric Keast's Bingorage. His work is distinctive, unique, and honest:

    Bunky Echo-Hawk

    Check out the paintings.

  3. yeah, solidarity isn't easy, unless you've been sucked into the group too much and need escape. But I think studio solidarity (also with no tv) can do a lot to help make one appreciate the nuances of life outside of yourself ever more clearly. I'm glad you're inspired sail...

    Maybe I am in transformation time and this is the painful growth spurt. The awkward moment of ugly growth. I kind of hope so anyway. Thanks for that link Jade :)

  4. The hoidays were much tougher on us artists than we thought at first. I've been organizing/ cleaning my studio. Doing a little book work ... all things that are related to my art, but still, I too, am having trouble getting back in the swing of what doing the art I want to do.

  5. Ester, love this one. And glad to hear your space has come together. :-)


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