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  1. he he... nice.

    That's great that you actually get art stuff for christmas ( Sargent's bad ass! ). It's like my friends don't even know me sometimes. But, I got a gift card for the art store, so it wasn't all bad (except I spent most of it on someone elses gift... it was a broke christmas, Charlie Brown). But, not a single one of the books I actually wanted. Ehh.

  2. oh man, you're not supposed to use those gift cards on other people. It's not nearly as fun. (But I know what you mean. My brother's birthday always comes a month after mine, so I've always used my birthday money on his present. Ugh!)

  3. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Love this one! Excellent expression. :)

  4. Thus is life. It's ok though, I still have some money left for me. Now I gotta figure out what I want.

    I meant to say I like that his face is white, while his neck isn't. For one, it makes the face really stand out and for two, it's accurate.

  5. Yes, the man, Robert Smith. Great rendering Ester! have you seen any of their videos? Good, crazy stuff.

  6. no, I've actually never seen a video of theirs, but I can certainly imagine.


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