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Spent all day mass cleaning, and found these old fun things. They are some of my tracings and colorings from when I was little, and I talked about these a little in an earlier post, but couldn't find them until now, tucked away in a bin for safe keeping.

My cousin and I would create entire worlds around these fun drawings, building an imaginary ranch full of horses (drawings of course). There was a magazine called Arabian Horse World that we would trace these pictures from, and color them to represent the horses on our farm, it was very elaborate, with drawings of horse races, western and english shows, even pages of foal drawings for the breeding of our horses. We would sell them and trade them in order to get to draw new horses...very elaborate stuff for little kids. My cousin went on to later own a horse, and I kept on drawing.


  1. Well I'm glad you kept on drawing Ester. I always love seeing and reading/hearing about the early work of artists--seeing those early rumblings of creativity. This reminds me of how many of my female students are so into horses. In fact, horses are huge around these parts (not the actual animal, but artwise, ha ha). I'm glad you went on to explore so many more unique and creative routes. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I'm very glad to have moved on also, but I certainly learned a lot about anatomy of animals and drawing in general by playing this way. I think it was the shape of the horse that I was drawn to, and maybe the idea of owning a giant pet.

    I wasn't too sure about posting these things - I'm glad you can appreciate them :)

  3. Great drawings. It's fun working on art with other people. My sister and I used to draw Muffin Creatures, which were very cute and silly. The art was fun, but the stories were the driving influence. I always wanted to get into comics with my art, and she has become a writer. So, I don't know what that says. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Oh my goodness... Those bring back memories. Horses were pretty much all I drew for about 10 years. I also took riding lessons for awhile, devoured every book on horses that I could find, and was in every other way obsessed. But now I haven't drawn a horse in years--I should try it again sometime and see if I still remember how.

    Fun post!


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