holiday cheer

This holiday was fun and full of activity. People visited and we all had busy days with lots of great foods, trying out many restaurants and shopping all over. The only thing I wish I could have accomplished was drawing my sitters while they were here. For some reason - probably because you can't sit still (*wink), I was not able to get this drawing done right. So the photograph saved your pretty face and I did it right this time.

Miss you lots already!


  1. That's great. The girl from the pictures, yes? Your 'sitter' or siSter? Either way, nice drawing. Pencil or pen?

    I've recently found ball point pens to be far more useful than I ever gave them credit for.

    If you don't know these two guys already, you should.

  2. sitter, yeah from those previous photos. She's photogenic, so it's easy to get a good pose from her. This is pencil - 2b mechanical .7

    I've known about those guys for a long time, and I especially like the combination in polite winter - good stuff! My fav is Hoshine's work.

    you know, I think I'll pick up a ball point too and play with it. Haven't done that in a long time.

  3. I love James Jean, and have known his stuff for years. I found Kenichi at some point through James, but Kenichi really is my favorite of the two... he's done some sequential comic work for these folks.

    There is a preview in the 'other' section of Kenichi's site, just click the 'meathaus' link... it's brilliant. Almost poetry more than comic narrative.

    I'm working on a page with ball point pen, graphite and acrylics. It's really different. Ball point is like the pencil of the pen family. It's all about the pressure.

  4. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I love it.. it looks just like me...way to make up for my lack of patience. Miss you too.. Love you sis

  5. Beautiful drawing and face Ester! When all else fails, use a photo. It's great to see your work again. Happy New Year btw!!

  6. Beautiful drawing/beautiful woman!

    Many good wishes for you this New Year's, Ester, and looking forward to what's to come from you pencils, pens, brushes, digital software... !

    *hugs, love Brenda xo


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