worked on teeny tiny paintings today - 5"x5" series in oil, which has been fun. I've felt so creatively dry since getting sick, all I've been doing is reading art books and coughing. So the smallest bit of feeling better has given me a chance to paint, and it felt like a drink of water in the desert! These are gifts, so I hope the receiver doesn't read my blog :)


  1. Ester, I hope you're feeling better. These small paintings take on an almost dreamlike quality. There really is nothing like a handmade gift. Looking forward to seeing more painting work sometime soon!

  2. Oh, these are absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry to have spoiled your gift to me, but YES, I do read your blog. Oh well I'll act surprised. *blushing*

    You mentioned in my blog that you use to live in Oregon. We moved to Washington from Oregon (the Portland area)about two years ago. Fortunatly they are about the same... I love the seasons.

  3. Washington is better... period. It's snowing right now!!!: )

    Ester, these are fantastic. I love the two images on a single piece of board... must be the comic fan in me.


  4. Another dyptich? Just kidding ... well it is, but it's beautiful. I love the light on the flowers. They make the composition very interesting.

    I get the sense that the bottom picture is related to the top as a memory. Like the flowers seeded the top picture. Or perhaps the flowers are sleeping in the past, waiting for the spring.

    Anyway, its great. Glad your feeling better.


  5. Thanks Steve! I'm working away on a couple more that I can't post, but definitely will after the holidays :)

    Nancy - you crack me up, and it just might be making me feel better too! Glad you like these. In fact, I was thinking of someone in Oregon when I made them. I really am missing the snowstorms and cloudy skies, especially this time of year.

    Totally jealous of you r_sail, I want some snow too :) (I love your idea of a square book - I'll give you the contact for our local comic book store - they carry self published work like that).

    Thanks bgoz! I'm glad you like these. I also felt like they belong together in some way, and I'm not sure how, but I really like your thoughts about waiting and sleeping. It seems very fitting.


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