ink bleed


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I've missed your daily drawings. They're always a welcome side-step from my work.

    This image reminds me of making an offering - I just love it.

  2. Haven't had a lot of time to surf blogs this last week. Great stuff as usual. I got the sense of music from this one at first. The more I looked at it though, I got a feeling of categorization or labeling. Like the figure is trying to determine the aspects of the flower. The looping stips being data about the object against the graph. The grid pattern on the figure also added to the feeling.


  3. those are really interesting thoughts! My mind was completely blank with this, I was fixated on one line after another, with no real concept or goal to it. I love the thoughts about offering, and also about categorization-especially with organic ink haze bleeding into the grid space of the body. That's cool.

  4. This gives me a feeling of vintage for some reason. Like from the era of the early 1900's


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