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oil painting in my sketchbook. Had to let it dry overnight under a heat lamp, but it's fun to do that on paper. Referenced a beautiful photo I found on This kind of stuff makes me itchy to get painting again.


  1. This is really beautiful. Will it hold up in a sketchbook?


  2. Thanks bgoz! I highly doubt it will last long - definitely not archival, but I don't care so much. I just wanted to paint, so I did. Of course, Jackson Pollock taught us not to worry so much about archival-ness, right? His paintings are rotting right off of their canvases at the MOMA in NY right now! hheheh

  3. To be honest about it, I think that there are unconscious things bubbling under the surface, and my hands just make what is there. I don't preplan most of this stuff, even though my ego would probably love to boast that I add symbolism on purpose. I started this page with a rubber stamp of a potted plant. Then wanted to paint, so, since I had enough room in the corner of the page, I thought I wouldn't mind just letting that stamp be in the painting. Then this morning, I wanted to fill up the bottom area with something, so I started doodling out some floral things. The title just sprang out of no where, because of the bird being in flight. Other than all that, I have no idea if these things can be considered truly symbolic and meaningful, or just playful mind-dumps.

    Thanks for your interest though! I'm glad that other people are intrigued, because it's just as intriguing to me too!

  4. Then what amazes me is how you painted around the potted plant stamp.
    the colors and the blending in the bird are awesome.

  5. you are so right about the wordless expression! I feel totally inadequate trying to verbalize most of the time, but the images just drip right off the fingers and I can't explain any of it very well.


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