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Hi all! After doing a mass cleaning today, I have found the need to give this printer away. It is in great shape, HP 932C, and I want to give it to a good home: to someone who needs one and is willing to pay shipping for it, rather than just throw it away. Do you need it, or know someone who does? Here is a link that talks more about the capabilities of this printer - here. It's been great for me, with inks that aren't too expensive, and I will also send the cd driver. I don't know what shipping would be yet, but can imagine it's between $10-$20, and of course I'll package it safely and economically.

I'm not looking to make money on this. Just want to give it to someone.
If you're interested, please let me know!
ester (at) esterwilson (dot) com


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Say Ester, I was just thinking - if you don't find a taker for your printer, you should try FreeCycle! I just love FreeCycle.

  2. hey thanks Jade! That's great, I had not heard of them before, but it sounds perfect :)


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