The End of Fish?

Made this oil on panel piece in response to an article I read about the world's fish populations being wiped out by 2048 (here). I poured wax over the finished painting to soften up the edges some, and got wax all over my counters - great. Plus my place now smells like crayons! At least that's a fun smell, and it looks nice in person, so it was all worth it I think.


  1. Wow, that's really nice. I was shocked by this article, not because it's surprising that we're wiping out fish, but because it could happen in my lifetime!

    ...and the smell of crayons reminds me of summers in the back seat of the car... mmm, sun melted crayons.

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  3. That is a totally awsome piece. I'd love to have it hanging on my wall. I have heard the reports about running out of fish. I hope it doesn't happen, I love fish.

    Again, great piece.


  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    This is a beautiful image. It reminds me of seeing the fish in my father's fossils.

    As for that wax... you probably already know this trick, but if you're having trouble getting it up - especially out of the carpet, take some paper (even newsprint will work), lay it over the wax, and then pass a hot iron back and forth over the paper. The heat will draw the wax up out of the carpet (counters) and into the paper.

    I agree - "The End of Fish?" was worth the happy mess.

    PS - thanks again for participating in the interview. It is now live at Brainripples.


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