a day out

a drawing that just didn't turn out right. There's something so elusive about character, especially hard when you know the person you're trying to draw. Formulas, all teaching methods, and technical scrutinies fail almost guaranteed.

But had a fun day at the Aquarium today with lots of inspiring thoughts swimming around.


  1. Both of these are beautiful.
    Something about the male figure with his eyes closed is so peaceful .. personally I think you did a great job.

    We frequently see Jelly's because we are so near the salt water, but this summer I saw the largest Moon Jelly I'd ever seen, and when he/she opened up it looked like a beautiful flower. It was unbelievably beautiful. Very nice job with your interpretation.

  2. Aquariums are great places for inspiration. I like to visit ours at least once a month.

    I can really relate to what you were saying about capturing character. Drawing people you know is one of the hardest things to do. I was thinking about how when I am remembering doing things with my friends when we were kids they look the same as they do now. Perhaps the physical appearance of people you know well gets separated from them in your memory, and therefore the disconnect when trying to draw them.


  3. wow! I never even considered how odd that is that the memory of friends looks like their current physical state. How weird, and also, I think it depends too on how much that physical state was burned into your mind. Ex: I had friends back then I haven't seen for a long time. Would I even recognize them now? And would that new visual of them immediately replace that old picture in my memory...how long would it have to "stick" in my mind before that new image replaces the old? HOW ODD!

    That whole thought is definitely something worth exploring...


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