busy sketches

blind contour line work, and other doodle things. Took the sketchbook out and drew whatever I could in the minutes while waiting at red lights. The result was pretty crazy, but really fun.

EDIT: (I was passenger - I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to drive and draw)


  1. love your crazy cityscape!

  2. Driving and Drawing? Great drawings, but be careful.


  3. hehe - luckily, I got to be passenger for this trip. I don't think I'd do so well if I tried to drive and draw. I guess I should have said that (sorry). Thanks for the concern tho! You're sweet :)

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Speaking as one who has done it... I also advise against drawing and driving... it's safer to just grab the shoulder for a quick sketch, than to try the knee trick while balancing the sketch pad. ;)

  5. The drawings from the stop lights are terrific!!!!! Your constant creativity is such an inspiration!


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