For whatever reason, I tend to balance out my compositions to a perfect balance everytime, guaranteed (when I'm not consciously trying to change it). Just getting rid of some left over paint here and playing around with process, involving tile grout, watercolor, gesso, matte medium, gloss medium, opaque acrylic ink, india ink, and oil paint. Oh, and pencil too.


  1. Fabulous! The mixed media, its process left and not covered over imparts such raw power... and then the gaze in the owl's eyes, captivating. I'm entranced.

  2. Wow, you really went to town on the media mixing.

    Great use of color too.


  3. Thanks Brenda! I'm so glad you like it :)

    r_sail - yeah, it was pretty much a smorgasborg of mediums and goo everywhere, super fun with lots of drying time in between. Funny, it doesn't even look like all that stuff went into it to me.

  4. I commend you on your ability to decide when to stop and let your images breathe. I like how you aren't afraid to let part of the process show, and because of this your work is all the more a pleasure to see. I remember thinking this at a Degas exhibit in Philly. he had many works that seemed to be unfinished hanging--they were by far my favorite--it's like seeing a piece take shape all in one single take.

  5. No it doesn't at all. It certainly looks like a few different things, but not as many as you listed.

    Cheers and happy holidays, Ester.

  6. It sure sounds like you had fun mixing all the different mediums. those can be my best times in the studio with no cares just letting spirit move me.
    love the owl.

  7. Really great piece. Thanx for the visit and comment on my interview at Brainripples.


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